Every seed contains boundless inspiration

Welcome to my blog sprouts! This is where I write all about the importance of wellness and creativity. After all, a life worth living is a life well-lived.

Just as a seed that’s properly nurtured turns into a tree, you too can unlock your full potential with the right creative nourishment!

Wellness is not a state, it's a journey

It's never too late to start!

To all the people out there who are waiting for that moment of inspiration, that call to adventure, that day of change to come, it’s here and now! It always is! No matter where you are in life, it’s never too late to start your journey into the unknown. To explore your creativity, to try new things, to make the best of your health and work towards mental and physical wellness, these are all pursuits that have no deadlines. I’m here to help you jumpstart the process with this blog! So go ahead and explore!

Here, our bazaar of content!

We guarantee freshness. The Earth provides us with all the resources we need, I'm just sorting them into readable categories here.

Creative Writing

Writing is as complicated as it is frustrating. But with the right tools I provide, it can be quite rewarding!


Your well-being is no little thing, and it is a little bit more than a walk in the park. Find out how!

Arts & Crafts

With age comes the wisdom that we all need hobbies to keep us going, and I’ve got the latest in arts & crafts for you!

Diet & Health

You are what you eat, so you should be able to eat the things you enjoy. Here’s some tips and recipes to help with that!

About Us

Hello again, sprouts! You can call me Miriam, or Ms. Osborne, for those of you who prefer formalities. I’m the author of this sapling of a blog.

One Earth, as there is not another, is where I let my creativity flow! This world has provided me nourishment, joy, and inspiration for decades, and finally it is time for me to give back.

Write to Me!

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