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Detroit-Area Creative Writing Group Seeks Teen Ambassadors

One Earth Writing Invites Teens to Apply for 2017-2018 Ambassadors Program

One Earth Writing at Wayne State University

Everyone makes mistakes. A strong person makes peace with their mishaps and realizes how even our mistakes help build our character. One Earth Writing instructors spent an hour and a half with over 70 students from the Wayne State University’s C2 Pipeline program to engage them in meaningful ways to expand their sense of identity […]


People On The Move: Lynne Golodner

Hamtramck High School – Final Session

In writing, the more specific you get, the more readers can relate to what you’ve written. That’s called universal truth, and it requires details and specific description to reach a wide swath of readers. Today, One Earth Writing completed the final session of a 3-part series in collaboration with ninth graders at Hamtramck High School. […]


Founder Lynne Golodner Discusses One Earth Writing Fundraiser and Ambassador Program


Religious Diversity Journeys Program: Learning about Hindusim

Over 600 students participated in the Religious Diversity Journey’s program. The program aimed to promote a greater understanding, awareness and knowledge concerning the many religious throughout the metro-Detroit area. From November to April, students participated in six school-day field trips that focused on the differences and similarities among the many celebrated religions. The programs connected students […]


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