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One Earth Writing Welcomes a New Class of Ambassadors

One Earth Writing’s Fall 2017 Class of Ambassadors convened for the first time to write together, learn about different races, religions, and socioeconomic origins, and build leadership skills to heal our communities. Thank you to Sister Nancy Jamroz for giving us space at Madonna University for our eight sessions!¬†Our new class of Ambassadors, led by […]


Just The Beginning – Making your mark on the world

How often do we really consider our personal brand and how we present ourselves to the world? My guess is that your answer and mine are the same: not often.Just The Beginning – A Pipeline Organization accepted 40 high schoolers into their summer program directly aimed at inspiring young students and increasing diversity in the […]


One Earth Ambassadors: Session 3

Writing about the Flavors of our IdentityAmbassadors gathered around the discussion table staring at the assorted foods presented before them. This week’s session focused on the beauty of “food writing” and how it straddles so many other genres, giving the author a huge area to explore.  A good writer can make just about any subject […]


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