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My Family Roots

By Ishika Gupta 8th Grade, East Middle School 2017 Fall Ambassador My family is from India They speak Hindi I remember the sounds Of my family speaking our native language That I will forever remember Because these are my roots Though I may have started as a seed. I remember taking pictures on our Gazebo. […]



Alex Young, Grade 12Fall 2017 Ambassador Little did we know,That we would always rememberWhere we were,That fateful September.Those burning planes flewAcross the worldOver every house and city.It was GeoPersonal.The striped flag came upAnd its billowing folds,Seemed for once,To make the bitter halves wholeBut cruel time knows onlyThe fighting strife and deviseOf the politking agenda.It’s GeoPersonalElections cement […]


The Cat’s Meow vs The Hamster’s Sneeze

Brynna Connolly, Grade 11 Mercy High School 2017 Ambassador I am both the cat’s meow and the hamster’s sneeze. My meow is loud and refuses to go unnoticed. A roar of sorts, erupting from my soul and commanding the attention of anyone and everyone close enough to hear. But I am also the hamster’s sneeze. […]


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