Stress spills into my lap like cold water on jeans, clinging to them uncomfortably, and everyone knows water on jeans takes forever to dry; it sticks around.

Stress clings to my leg like a young child that doesn’t want you to go, but I really want to go.

Stress sits on my chest like a bench press
And I am desperately waiting for my spotter to save me, but they never do.

Stress smells like carbon monoxide, except you can’t smell it and when it hits you, it hits hard.

Stress is like when you were younger and you lost your mom at the grocery store, that instant wave of panic roles over your body as you search for your mom.

Stress is your best friend. You don’t know how you became friends, you just did. There’s not getting rid of it, it’s there to stay – one of those friends you’ll be friends with for life.

By Lina Tate
2018 Winter Ambassador
University Liggett School
Class of 2018

Lina read her poem during the 2018 Winter Ambassador graduation.