Over 600 students participated in the Religious Diversity Journey’s program. The program aimed to promote a greater understanding, awareness and knowledge concerning the many religious throughout the metro-Detroit area. From November to April, students participated in six school-day field trips that focused on the differences and similarities among the many celebrated religions. The programs connected students to Judaism, followed by Christianity, Islam, Sikhism, Hinduism, and Buddhism.

Religion is supposed to be a map for our lives, guiding us in learning values, meaning, and purpose. We’ve learned about Judaism, Christianity, Islam, and now Hinduism. Each religion outlines what matters in life, gives guidelines for living a good life.

Every religion seeks to answer the unanswerable questions for humans grappling with fears and wondering. Every religion seeks to provide a road map for people to live a meaningful and good life. In today’s program, the students focus on Hinduism.

Writing Assignment: You’ve been to five different faith communities – what can you say is the shared message about how to make life meaningful? What advice would you give someone asking this question? What should people do, say, or how should they act in order to live a good life?

One of the messages that I have learned from all of our journeys is to help and welcome all people. Many religions tell you to have good hygiene in body and mind. And also to have faith but keep control of your own life. I think people should have respect for everyone around them and for the earth and environment. I believe all religions are connected and may have their differences but all share a similar message.”
By Brecken Furlow, Bryan Middle School, Dearborn Public Schools

“A shared message from all five religions is that everyone is accepted and everyone should be welcomed. I would tell someone who was asking a question about this to follow their message and see where it gets you. I think that people should be open-minded and be kind, helpful and caring in order to live a meaningful life.”
By Lily Mitchell, DWS 

We all believe in God
Whatever his name may be
We all share the values
Of honesty, faith and peace
We try to show our kindness
By helping those in need
To the helpless we donate
To the hungry we feed
– Kate Horvath, Abbott Middle School