Religious Diversity Journeys Program: Learning about Islam

When I say I am a Muslim.

Over 600 students participated in the Religious Diversity Journey’s program. The program aimed to promote a greater understanding, awareness and knowledge concerning the many religious throughout the metro-Detroit area. From November to April, students participated in six school-day field trips that focused on the differences and similarities among the many celebrated religions. The programs connected students to Judaism, followed by Christianity, Islam, Sikhism, Hinduism, and Buddhism.

Religion is supposed to be a map for our lives, guiding us in learning values, meaning, and purpose. We’ve learned about Judaism, Christianity and now Islam. Each religion outlines what matters in life, gives guidelines for living a good life.

Students focused on Islam and were asked to create a list of their values or meanings and to guide others in understanding the good from the bad, right from wrong. They wrote a poem outlining what they valued and what they believed makes a good life.

Learning About Islam

To be a good person
And to live a good life
I do my best in the world
To be kind and not angry
To be loving and not hateful
To be a good person and to
Lead a good life
I have faith in God, and
Know he will not fail me
I know not everyone is perfect
And all can do no wrong
But I try to do good
And make up for the wrong
To be a good person
And to lead a good life

By Lily Mitchell, DWS

When I say I am a Muslim

When I say “I am a Muslim”
I’m not hiding with shame
I’m standing proud to my name
Only needing God to help me find my way

When I say “I am a Muslim”
I am not telling you I hate other religions
I am telling you that I have peace with all
That why I pray to God for understanding

By Rehma Saeed, Beverly Hills Academy

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