For centuries, intellectuals, enlightenment figures, fighters for the law have fought to promote the idea that we have similarities beyond our differences. The pinnacle of this idea is the Declaration of Human Rights, which says that whatever the culture or religious attitude, we have the same fundamental rights because we are human beings. 

Is all humanity ONE community?

Interfaith dialogue refers to dialogue between members of different religions for the goal of reducing conflicts between their religions and to achieve agreed-upon, mutually desirable goals.

Freedom of religion encompasses all religions acts within the law in a particular region.

Assignment: Students gathered in groups of 5-6 and asked questions to each member of the group. They collectively wrote a one-page essay about how they view religious diversity in America and the First Amendment.

What makes us American?
We are free
We have courage and kindness
And responsibility

What does the first amendment mean to you?
No matter what, all religions are

Why is freedom of religion super cool?
We have the right to practice at home
Or at school

Could freedom of religion be harmful?
People could take it out of hand
We should all be kind, on sea or
On land

Our beliefs have changed so much
So! Religions make it so we are
Not alone

We all believe in God
Whatever his name may be
We all share the values
Of honesty, faith and peace
We try to show our kindness
By helping those in need
To the helpless we donate
To the hungry we feed