How can our words change the course of our fate?

Why is it so important to speak positively? Or to speak at all?

Do you look into the eyes of stranger and offer a kind smile?

There is the idea that love is not preferential attachment but rather, universal identification, that to truly love another person, we must be able to relate to them, to understand how they feel and their perspective, and when we can do that, even in the most trying circumstances, we know how to love.

Today, Founder and CEO of One Earth Writing, Lynne Golodner, led an hour and half writing workshop for over 50 students at Warren Mott High School, as part of the Warren Mott High School C2 Pipeline Program, combining Random Acts of Kindness with concern for the Earth in honor of Earth Day.

While working in tandem, the students picked one of the writing prompts provided and created either a poem, essay, or a letter to a public leader.

During the course of the workshop, students grabbed a stack of sticky notes and spent five minutes writing positive statements on them. They then placed the sticky notes on the should of five other students in the room. During the course of this time, the students would look their friend in the eye, smile, and introduce themselves.

Gratitude improves relationships, physical health, self-esteem, and your own mindset. Plus, you’ll be making the world a little kinder in the process.