Two people who may have thought they were different
Find out they are the same
They both enjoy their parks and places to play
Yes, they have differences.
They come from different places
Different religions
And have different faces

Mariah’s parents were born in Iraq
While Braijene’s were born here
We both enjoy our family and sports
Like basketball and volleyball
Although we look different or seem different
We are different but
Humans are the same
We are the same

By Mariah and Braijene
Huda School & Southwest Detroit Community School
8th Grade

We are all the faces you see in this new generation.
We will create new inventions today and shape the world tomorrow.
We are all playing sports—basketball, soccer, etc.
Tomorrow we are men and we will take great responsibility, but for now we are just teenage boys, watching TV on our couch while eating sushi.

We boys are constantly stereotyped for always failing in classes, but to be honest, why do we have so many awards?
We all have tried different foods or had different toys, but we share.
We will share the knowledge we have with the world to make it, hopefully, better.

By Donovan, Abdul, and Wasey
Huda School & Southwest Detroit Community School
8th Grade

The mostly Arab-American Muslim students from Huda School in Franklin with the mostly Latino and African-American students from Southwest Detroit Community School were brought together through One Earth Writing for a collaborative writing workshop on March 22nd. The students worked  to build a better understanding of self, identity, dispel stereotypes, and learn from one another to reach a firm understanding that we are stronger together. Learn more here.