I grew up in Detroit, a beautiful place to be.
A home where we all gathered to eat, sleep, and dream.
Loud it was, kids in the streets
Playing night and day; only pause for a brief.

Spirits, we were told, will come to haunt
So hurry, it’s after dark
Clutching to our blankets, slowly falling asleep.

Smells and sounds flooding the halls,
Music bouncing off the walls.
Food passed around for all,
Taste buds burst, flowers with no bounds.

Arabic words fly limitless,
Bringing us all around.
Stories shared legends, scared children were spared.

By Reem, Siama, Jessica, and Paola
8th Grade

The mostly Arab-American Muslim students from Huda School in Franklin with the mostly Latino and African-American students from Southwest Detroit Community School were brought together through One Earth Writing for a collaborative writing workshop on March 22nd. The students worked  to build a better understanding of self, identity, dispel stereotypes, and learn from one another to reach a firm understanding that we are stronger together. Learn more here .