On January 28th, women and teen girls connected from different faiths through writing and conversation about fashion and identity. Sponsored by First United Methodist Church of Royal Oak, the Muslim Unity Center, and Temple Israel, One Faithful World uses writing to explore the role of females in faith.

The program’s goal is to find commonality and shared values across religions, building camaraderie and friendship among women and girls from different faith communities. 

Eager to meet all the ladies who registered, participants were greeted as they entered Temple Israel, finding themselves joined together on bright colored sofas within the media center and beginning with introductions. One Earth Writing instructors, Joy and Maureen,  split the women and teen girls into two separate groups – each instructor facilitating one group – as they would begin by reading poetry, then discussing how fashion represents and/or impacts our identity and/or faith.

Each group was given a writing exercise and asked to pair off with another. Questions such as, what role does fashion play in your life? How do you view fashion? What do your clothes say about you? What does “uniform” mean to you? 

“In an increasingly gender-divided world, this program is intended to be a beacon of inspiration for women and girls to build bridges between communities and belief system, finding the common ground that already exists,” says Lynne Golodner, One Earth Writing CEO/Founder.

The program is made up of four separate sessions, each two-hour session begins with conversations and writing workshops, followed by expert speakers. In our first workshop, our guest speaker was Brenna Lane, co-owner of Detroit Denim Co.,  addressing fashion and the role it has played in history and how it has shaped our identity.

Our next workshop is Thursday, February 22nd, at Temple Israel.