Writing about Identity & Sense of Place

“Who am I?” is a question all of us ask at some point in our lives. It is an especially critical question for adolescents. As we search for answers, we begin to define ourselves. These are questions we seek to answer in writing in One Earth Writing workshops. Sometimes we offer questions to spark material, as in these below:

How is our identity formed?

To what extent are we defined by our talents, tastes, and interests?

By our membership in a particular ethnic group?

By our social and economic class?

By our religion?

By the nation in which we live?

How do we label and define ourselves, and how are we labeled and defined by others?

How do our identities inform our values, ideas, and actions?

In what ways might we assume different identities in different contexts?

How do we manage these multiple identities?

Answers to these questions help us understand history, ourselves, and each other.