Everyone makes mistakes.

A strong person makes peace with their mishaps and realizes how even our mistakes help build our character.

One Earth Writing instructors spent an hour and a half with over 70 students from the Wayne State University’s C2 Pipeline program to engage them in meaningful ways to expand their sense of identity individually and collectively through writing.

Over the course of the workshop, instructors encouraged students to think about the mistakes they made at some point in their life. We asked them to think about the how they felt, what physical sensations went through their body, how events unfolded, thoughts, anything! We only asked that they do not judge the memory.

Infuriation took over and made me scream
Having wrong friends made me mean
Having a bad temper got me expelled
Crashing a car, I felt like an idiot
Breaking a plate made me feel horrible
From these mistakes, I had to get serious
And put them away somewhere storable

Screaming went to healing
Blindness from friends went to dealing
Attitude went to courage
Shameless went to being brave
All these mistakes, all flourished
Now I am ready to behave.

By Briana Martin


Mistakes are not all we are.
We are students, brothers, sisters.
We are not what we forget, or what we break.
We are love.
We are hope.
We are strong.
Mistakes are not all we are.

Our mistakes may have consequences,
But we will always overcome them.
We will not lose judgement.
We will not stoop to hate.
Mistakes are not all we are.

By Nina, Carlynn, Julia, and DeNisha



If I could take it all back, I would. It’s similar to starting a game of dominos, as if I didn’t know what I’ve signed up for. The first domino was in 8th grade, I should have never spoke to A.J. Number two was in junior year at Oak Park High School. The constant eye contact that should have never met. I should have known that three years later, no one is the same. Therefore, I should have never even thought about him.

The worst part of the deal is that it is a never ending connection to a boy who I should have never spoke too. All warning signs were out of the window. Oak Park’s brightest and best becomes the naïve girl no one feels bad for. One the way to fifth hour I should have never tripped him, another contact I regret. I should have never told him I just wanted to touch him. I should have never given him any attention.

The turning point was the exchange. Why did I give him my Snapchat? The Snapchat was the push on the first domino, mistake or not, the fall started to my demise. When he told me he wanted my attention, I was foolish enough to give in. Even without permission, I was brought into a never ending relationship with an idiot.

I’d say that day we went on the last ride – what all happened will never be revealed.

By Micaiah Webb