How often do we really consider our personal brand and how we present ourselves to the world? My guess is that your answer and mine are the same: not often.

Just The Beginning - A Pipeline Organization accepted 40 high schoolers into their summer program directly aimed at inspiring young students and increasing diversity in the legal profession. On August 3rd, One Earth Writing collaborated with Just The Beginning and presented a 2-hour workshop focusing on professionalism and networking skills, personal branding, conversation starters, professional etiquette.

Lynne Golodner, CEO & Founder of One Earth Writing offered tips and insights to these teens who are just beginning to think about who they are who they want to be. They started the afternoon with a writing exercise, where Lynne asked them to make a list of all the words that other people use to describe them. Then add their own words to that list. Then add words they wish were on that list. 

Finally, Lynne told them to review the list, and cross off any words that don't work for them. Why carry that around for the rest of their lives? Why not become the architect of your own image, step into the identity you want to inhabit?

What should people think of when they hear your name?


We all have a personal brand, and we all have the ability to cultivate a personal brand we like, that sets us apart from others and carves a unique path.

By developing your personal brand, you take control of telling the story you want to circulate about you. Whether you are trying to build your business, impress vendors, gain media exposure, or simply make new friends, having a powerful, visible brand is important.

“Knowing that you can connect with someone about something, like it’s little things here or there that you can relate with to a person. It's nice to hear people do something for reason, they don’t do it because it’s fun, they do it because it means something to them.”