What will be your legacy?

One Earth Writing worked with 9th and 10th graders at Hamtramck High School this year, expanding students’ sense of identity individually and collectively through insightful writing workshops that explored the foundations of identity in the context of others in community around us.

On March 28th, students wrote their own anthem/song. Songwriting is an ancient and multi-faceted art form. Lyrics focus on ethics, morals or convictions, while also advocating for a political or social position. Writing lyrics gave students a way to share their passion while creating unity and transmitting powerful ideas.

Look at What We’ve Become

We’re just sitting while global warming is to rise
focused more on social media while this earth dies
You see we care about ourselves more than others
We don’t realize that we’re all sisters and brothers
We people don’t realize our reality
When we grow up we will die, fatality
Schools care about education more than creativity
This world is filled more with negativity than possibility
And it’s good to be smart
But not too smart for your own good
We should try to change the world while we still could

Mohammed Halemi
Akeem Allen
Lydell Richard
Shihab Alrefaei


Madness is doing the same thing over and over again
I see Blackness – dark colors
I hear nothing
Madness has driven many people mad
Isn’t there a room
That was so silent you
Can almost hear your blood moving?

Songwriter: Joseph Palmer