By Shaza Chaudry, Grade 9

Flavors of our Faiths Workshop

Of the early morning
Before the rising of the sun
Before it’s rays have lit the sky
The faucets start to run
And of the coolest glass of water
Lying on a single plate
The many hands begin to reach
For the freshly rinsed date
And the first bite brings
The awakening of the mind
The fast is to begin
No eating of any kind
But to last through the day
For the pangs of the stomach to cease
The eating of the dates
Brings the mind to an ease
And when the time has arrived
For the fast to be broken
The gust of its flavor
Unable to be spoken
Such comfort it brings
For the preparation of the night
When coming home from the prayers
The seeds, that you sight
The reminder of that feeling
When you take that first bite
My homely love, it gives
As it fills you with light

Good writers bring us with them into the experience, and one way they do that is by using senses vividly in their writing. As part of our collaboration with the Muslim Unity Center and BBYO, introducing The Flavors of our Faiths writing workshop, students explored the role of food in shaping identity.