One Earth Writing grew out of the desire to connect youth in that crucial time when they are carving out their identities, so that meeting peers from different races, religions, and socioeconomic origins becomes part of that identity imprint. Meeting someone across the table, pens in hand, notebooks open, brought together by a shared love of story and curiosity, levels the playing field. Writing is a great equalizer. Writing demands inquiry and listening. When we share experiences and perspectives, we see the humanity in another person, regardless of their surface details. We connect on a soul level and see that we have more in common than we have different.

That is why we our excited to share our first publication of the students work generated from three day-long writing workshops in collaboration with Hamtramck High School. Throughout the three part series, ninth and tenth grade students participated and engaged in meaningful ways to expand their senses of identity individually and collectively through compelling and insightful writing workshops that explore the foundations of identity in the context of others in community around us.

We value every student and and within this  atmosphere of high energy and camaraderie, the students were able to create their own community, one we hope that persists long after the program has ended.

Please enjoy their ideas, images, reflective passages, and personal narratives!