Brynna Connolly, Grade 11
Mercy High School
2017 Ambassador

I am both the cat’s meow and the hamster’s sneeze. My meow is loud and refuses to go unnoticed. A roar of sorts, erupting from my soul and commanding the attention of anyone and everyone close enough to hear.

But I am also the hamster’s sneeze. The person with a quiet voice, who doesn’t want any trouble. A loud mind, that is shoved aside due to my size. I am the one whose personality everyone assumes. However, when they do hear me, I may not be what they expected.

I could be the cat who is strong, agile, and independent. Or, I could be the hamster; seeing everything, hearing everything, observing everything. But, whatever day of the week, there will always be the battle between the cat’s meow and the hamster’s sneeze.