Writer and educator Christina Stansell-Weaver teaches courses in the field of Communication and has written historical essays detailing mergers, acquisitions, and corporate strategies of profit and nonprofit businesses. With a passion for equality, Christina designs her classes to promote peaceful and respectful communication among people from different backgrounds and interests. She believes promoting learning and understanding of diverse perspectives is crucial to developing thoughtful citizens who will positively contribute to their communities. An award-winning lecturer, Christina has taught at the University of Louisville and Eastern Michigan University, focusing on Gender Communication, Nonprofit Organizational Communication, Interpersonal Communication and Public Speaking. Christina holds an M.A. in Communication from Eastern Michigan University.

One Earth Writing’s team of writing instructors are not only individually acclaimed writers in their own right, but have worked together to engage with groups of teens to develop writing skills, build leadership skills and foster greater understanding among members of their communities. By working with the Senior Ambassadors in this project, the instructors are committed to engaging with the teens to use storytelling as a tool for peace-building, empowering teens by helping them develop a sense of self through writing, and sharing their expertise with teenagers learning a new skill-set.

Combined with our archivist/scholar’s experience with preservation of historical information and curating digital and physical exhibits, this team is uniquely positioned to provide the Senior Ambassadors with an enriching engagement with the humanities. With their wide variety of experience in research, analysis, writing, and communications, this team will provide the teens with a strong foundation from which they can grow their ability to engage with historical materials and creatively express their own unique take on the history of their hometown.

Our writing instructors also include Lynne Golodner and M.L. Liebler. Together they have a depth and breath of experience writing, teaching, and creating.