Elyce Debro, sophomore at Lamphere High School shares her writing with the audience.

On March 27, 2018 we welcomed educators, friends, and families to our 2018 Winter Ambassadors final performance and graduation ceremony. As a culmination of the eight-week intensive writing program, our 14 Ambassadors celebrated their accomplishments by  sharing their writing and speaking about their experiences within the program.

And what a spectacular evening it was!

Conner Klemer, age 16, sophomore at Bloomfield Hills High School

During the course of our program, students from 7th-12th grade met at Madonna University for writing workshop and more importantly, connection. Our Ambassador program brings teens together from different races, religions and socioeconomic backgrounds and we use storytelling, writing and conversation to help build confidence, voice and leadership skills.

This group of teens explored the power of words to express who they really are. Each workshop our students dove into new forms of writing, including poetry, character development, emotions, and more. We explored letting what’s inside ourselves out in an honest, encouraging, and supportive way.

At a time when more kids feel disconnected due to persistent pressures, intense competition, and the 24/7 impact of social media, One Earth Writing programs give teens a place to connect person-to-person in a meaningful way.  

One Earth Writing’s Ambassadors program is free for teens to immerse in focused writing workshops, where they deepen their writing skills, make friends from different races, religions and socioeconomic origins, build leadership skills and increase confidence.  Our Ambassadors become true ambassadors in their communities, once they realize how similar they are to their peers from all walks of life.

Graduating Ambassadors include the following teens: 

  • Michael Davis, III, 9th grade, Warren Mott High School, Warren resident
  • Elyce Debro, 10th grade, Lamphere High School, Madison Heights resident
  • Mallory Dennis, 7th grade, Franklin Middle School, Wayne resident
  • Maheen Haq, 10th grade, Detroit Country Day School, Bloomfield Hills resident
  • Rithik Hosalli, 11th grade, International Academy East, Troy resident
  • Vedika Iyer, 7th grade, West Middle School, Rochester Hills resident
  • Vaishnavi Katta, 10th grade, International Academy East, Livonia resident
  • Conner Klemer, 10th grade, Bloomfield Hills High School, Bloomfield Hills resident
  • Hannah McKeen, 12th grade, Huron High School, Flat Rock resident
  • Krisha Ramani, 7th grade, Novi Middle School, Novi resident
  • Rawan Rizk, 8th grade, McCollough Unis, Dearborn resident
  • Lina Tate, 12th grade, University Liggett, Detroit resident
  • Love Tsai, 11th grade, homeschooled, West Bloomfield resident
  • Allison VanDerAue, 11th grade, North Farmington High School

Our 2018 Winter Ambassador program was supported by a grant from the First Foundation of the First Presbyterian Church of Birmingham in addition to in-kind food donations from Beirut Bakery, Cebella’s Pizza, Shawarma Palace Mediterranean Grill, Cottage Inn, Noodles & Co., and Plum Market.

The program was led by founder Lynne Golodner, and instructor Christina Weaver, who is also an Eastern Michigan University professor, and program coordinator Dana Nyquist.


Channel 4 came to the Ambassadors final performance!