Month: January 2017

Religious Diversity Journeys Program: Learning about Islam

When I say I am a Muslim. Over 600 students participated in the Religious Diversity Journey’s program. The program aimed to promote a greater understanding, awareness and knowledge concerning the many religious throughout the metro-Detroit area. From November to April, students participated in six school-day field trips that focused on the differences and similarities among the […]


One Earth Ambassadors: Session 4

Writing Anthems Humans have written songs as a form of creativity, personal expression and battle cry through history. Putting words to music is one powerful way we can impact people on many levels, through their sensory perception. An anthem rouses the spirit and uplifts the soul. Many songs stir emotions – but an anthem goes […]


The Start of a New Adventure: Refugee Youth Writing – Samaritas New Americans Services

Working in pairs, the One Earth Ambassadors got to know a local refugee teen through Samaritas New American Services by asking questions and writing their answers. The goal of the program was to write their partner’s journey story descriptively and definitively,  so they have a record of how they came to America. Here is some of […]


One Earth Ambassadors: Session 3

Writing about the Flavors of our IdentityAmbassadors gathered around the discussion table staring at the assorted foods presented before them. This week’s session focused on the beauty of “food writing” and how it straddles so many other genres, giving the author a huge area to explore.  A good writer can make just about any subject […]


Writing to Welcome Refugees

Every religion on the planet makes scriptural reference to the stranger – the imperative of welcoming the stranger, of hospitality, of treating a person from a foreign land as if they are part of your own tribe.Today, the world is experiencing the highest levels of displacement ever recorded – 65.3 million people forced from their […]


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